When doing a structured workout from TrainingPeaks, can I have Zwift keep me within a zone instead of a specific watt?

So when I’m doing workouts from TP, one of the workouts could be: “Stay within Zone 2 for 10 minutes”. How this translate to Zwift is, it will keep me at the middle of that zone only. So if Zone 2 = 120 - 130 Watts, Zwift will keep me at 125.

But what if I want to go down to the bottom end of the Zone 2, like maybe stay at 120 Watts, or go up to 129 Watts, can Zwift do this?

You can use the workout bias buttons to move the target up or down

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i don’t think that’s what they want, they want a really wide erg mode band - kind of like having an upper and lower limit and within that you’'re okay.

changing the bias up and down just moves the specific target up or down.

The request isn’t possible in zwift - it should be in theory but probably unlikely to ever happen.

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I think it’d be very difficult to lock in a specific wattage. Your natural pedal stroke would provide variation.

It’s why on the companion app up can a target segment in order to earn the star.

I thought Zwift targets a specific wattage?

This could do as a work around. I just need to remember my watts for each zones. Thanks!

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I think moving the specific target down could work. If I just move the bias down to the lower end pf the zone.

if you manually recreate the workout using the workout builder you can adjust the target wattage for each block in, i think, 5w increments. otherwise you can just change the bias ingame, which is probably simpler

Take the trainer out of erg mode.

that would just hold you to the lowest point - so you wouldn’t be able to go up to the top of your zone.

if that’s what you want then that would work

If you look at the graph at the bottom of the screen you will see it reflect your Zone, so just keep it in the same colour.

I also think the colour of the workout block on the left will change but I have to check.