Wheel Slippage

(William Harris) #1

Tonight, 27 Jan, I also received three “slipping” alerts. All three were during periods of very steady, not unusually high, power. The alerts says to slow down until the alert goes away. I came to a stop two of the three times and the alert would not go away…until I just started peddling again. The third time, I didn’t stop. I slowed and then accelerated. The alert went away. There was no way that the wheel was slipping. Tonight, I even tightened the wheel another half turn just to ensure good contact. Not sure what is happening.

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #2

Just a few quick questions, William:

  1. Is your tire set to 100psi?
  2. Are you selecting the correct trainer after pairing your speed sensor?
  3. Is your speed sensor properly paired and transmitting a strong signal? Is the battery fresh?

And a few more specific question: what speed are you traveling at when the slippage happens? It’s important that the speed be shown on the pairing screen so, when it happens again, you can hit ‘A’ on a keyboard to bring up the pairing screen and grab that number.

Did the slippage warning pop up randomly while riding steadily? Or shortly after you increased speed (though not necessarily to a sprint)?

And, lastly, what is your rear wheel tire size? I am assuming it’s standard 700c.


(William Harris) #3

1A: I use a trainer tire. It is pumped to 110 psi.
2A: I make sure that the Kurt Kinetic is selected.
3A: When I sign in, I make sure that all three of my sensors are paired and transmitting properly. I’m assuming that the signal is strong, but the battery isn’t brand new. It is possible that the battery is not as fresh as it needs to be, but I have to think that I would be getting more overall errors.
The speed last night was approximately 20-25 with the power approximately 130-150 watts All three times it was during a recovery period between intervals. It never happened when I was out of the saddle or when I was strongly accelerating in the saddle.

My rear wheel size is 700c.
Tonight, I received only one “slipping” alert. Same setup: low speed/power during a steady effort. I even tightened my trainer against my wheel an additional half a turn before I started.
Rather annoying, but the other aspects of Zwift more than make up for this little issue.