Slipping wheel issue

Hi there,

First off thanks for the Beta, as you mentioned you’d love feedback as we ride.

Here’s the first issue that I’m encountering and it’s not allowing me to have yet complete one full lap with no issues.

I keep getting the tire slipping issue (I’m using a Kurt road machine for reference) My trainer is set up fine, I’ve adjusted and re-adjusted to try and make it “happy” with no success. I’m tried to realign me wheel in different places and keep getting the message forcing me to stop or have something like a 20w output.

Let me know what I can provide as assistance to help resolve this issue.


I do have a working cadence sensor with speed sensor (garmin version 2010 or so version) My readings are good, I’ve been using trainer road for a long time with no jumping issues or major spikes.

Like most I see on the forum even when regular pedaling after the update I’m seeing jumps of 30-100w while running consistant efforts.

I’ve given up for now as it was appearing ever 3-5 seconds after I would stop and let the message reset, after about 1 hour of clipping in and out and trying different PSI levels as well as trainer adjustments among other things I was getting tired of playing around.

I don’t have an extension, I like the idea for that, however I keep my main iMac with the same dongle about 2 feet further away and when I combo TR with SF video’s I don’t get any issues, so I know it’s not the distance.

I’ve changed my ANT+ device to the other side of my computer and I will try this later on tonight and see if I get better results.

Small issues, but gets frustrating watching everyone blow past you consistently as you have to stop pedaling :slight_smile:

Hi Jon, what you describe doesn’t sound normal to me. When do you get the message - only at high efforts, or quite often? What size tire are you using on the back? Any time we detect an acceleration that we deem to be “impossible” for the trainer you selected, we display the warning.

Maybe it is a signal loss issue causing our detection algorithm to go haywire. I’ll look into that here - if that is the case a usb extender for the ANT+ dongle may alleviate the issue in the meantime.

If possible try a different ANT+ sensor.

Last night I had slipping alerts. When changing my ANT+ cadence/speed sensor from noname Decathlon to Garmin GSC-10 it was normal again.

Thanks to all who have replied to so far. I’ve tried a few of the quick fixes with no real major impact to date.

I’m having a hard time understanding why this message will keep popping up when I’m getting no significant spikes on my power output that would cause this. I use trainer road A LOT and I my ANT+ set up with cadence and power is the exact same, all I do is use a different program. I guess this is where my frustration lies. Understandably this is a beta and this is what we’re here for :slight_smile:

John Mayfield, to answer your question, this message is appearing every 10-15 seconds, I have filmed some video of it on my phone as it’s happening if that would help at all to send your way.

My last ride I completed 2/3rds of one full island lap with no issues and just looking at maintaining a consistent 175-200w output as a tempo ride, all was find until that message randomly appeared, then no matter what I’ve adjusted it just kept coming back.

Here’s the list of what I’ve tried to date

  • PSI changes to tire (up and down)
  • placement of tire on trainer (I have a Kurt road machine)
  • Adjustment of tension screws, as loose as 1 turn, high as 5 turns
  • Slowly increasing cadence to try and grab
  • Cleaning tire, cleaning trainer

Check my topic of last night:

I currently use the GSC-10 setup. With a Garmin ANT+ reader. Any other suggestions?

Jon try this for your next ride. I have the same set up as you and have the same issue. Be very slow and easy on your upshifts, especially during high pedal efforts (ie: simulating a climb). I find that if I upshift to higher gears too quickly which pedaling at high effort, I immediately get the slip message. If I upshift slowing I do not. Hope this helps.

I’ve tried all the speed, I don’t think we should have to slow pedal and adjust the way we ride to appease the process. I guess this is why I’m reporting this issue. I have a very simple and probably an extremely common set up for the “average joe” so hopefully this can be address. This is why it’s a beta after all

My take is that upshifting too quickly while at high effort/load creates the “impossible” acceleration. Just read the whole thread… Easy to re-create on the KK.

After changing sensors I had only 1 slipping wheel alert. A strange one because I didn’t change my effort.

Maybe your cadence magnet is interfering. Do you have a steel frame? On my steel commuter I have a strong cadence magnet sticking on the inside of the pedal. The Garmin GSC-10 doesn’t like it on my steel frame. Another sensor with a wire between cadence and speed sensor is no problem.

My suggestion is try Zwift without your cadence magnet.

Just completed my first ride. Had the wheel slip issue you describe with GCS10 although my trainer is a CycleOps. Definitely related to shifting. If I kept bike in same gear I did not get the message. I have noticed on the road that sometimes my Garmin will go into autopause for a couple of seconds then come right back after a shift. I think the GSC10 jumps sometimes during shifting. Ideally Zwift would filter out these glitches. Pretty easy to do with software. Average over a few seconds and remove any readings that are obviously in error. Suggestion!

Hello Jon,

I also have the Kurt Kinetic Roadmachine 2.0 and have had the same issues as you. A guy at the forum told me to try connect my ant+ dongle to an external usb cable and place it closer to my bike. Before that it was about 1.5 meter from my cadence/speed sensor - Now it is taped to my bike 10 cm from the sensor. I thought it would make no difference. But somehow I’m now able to pedal harder, getting more stable cadence and watt numbers … and almost no slipping tire issues, unless I pump like a bull and reach 700 watt in a very unstable way of pedaling.

Maybe this will help you.

I also did my first ride last night and had a lot of wheel slipping issues basically anytime I shifted or tried to accelerate quickly, there were no problems during normal pedalling or if I very slowly ramped up my speed. It seems to me that the Zwift software needs to filter out the “spikes” caused by a shift or quick acceleration and not try to calculate them thus resulting in precieved wheel spin. Using Garmin GSC10 and Elite trainer

Same issue here, ANT+ 1.5m in front of garmin separate speed/cadence sensors, certainly saw this when shifting, but also seeing it regularly just pootling along… experimenting with tyre / trainer setup hasn’t helped.

Will make some notes next time out.

The slipping alerts are gone. Only when sprinting, accelerating like hell.

I have two usb extension cables. The first is for my wifi dongle, placing the dongle away from all those cables. The second is to get the distance closer to the speed/cadence sensor.

Now I have a much more stable power reading (the 30-01 update also helped)

My systems:
Intel Core i3 4010u / Intel HD4400 / 8 GB RAM
AMD FX-6300 / Radeon R9 270 / 8 GB RAM

For those who have still issues, what hardware do you have?

Same here, slipping alerts are now gone with KK. Thanks Zwift.

I’ve got the same slippage issues and use the new Garmin Speed and Cadence magnet-less sensors and Garmin’s own ANT+ dongle.  I’m wondering if my Rotor Q-rings would be causing the slippage issue because the power readings also are erratic giving a 100 - 150 watt alternate difference along with the wheel slippage pop up warning…

Anyone else out there using the Q-rings without issues?


Zwift detects a tire slipping for me right after pairing.  I have a cheap Docooler / Sunding Bluetooth-4 speed + cadence sensor from Amazon.  What happens is right after pairing it reads a speed in the zillions, and then that’s it I am blocked from using zPower and restricted to classic.  There are no more zillion km readings after the initial ones.  Perhaps the initial few readings should be ignored for slippage detection.

I had the same issue. It looks it was caused by another bike in the room. I took it out and now it reads only the sensors from the bike I use on the trainer.