Kinetic Rock n Roll, lots of incorrect slipping alerts!!

Tonight I get a lot of these alerts. I know they are not correct. I even get them when pedaling slowly at constant power, not accelerating. When doing a sprint to force slipping, I don’t get the alert. Which is right because it didn’t slip.

Am I a guinea pig for this session?
I know it’s beta but I can’t ride normal. I want to ride a lap with constant power. After trying 4 laps it’s not possible today without a slipping alert.

To answer my own question.

It has something to do with ANT+ sensors and signal quality or something. I did use a speed/cadence sensor from Decathlon. When switching to a Garmin GSC-10 I only had 1 slipping alert. That one was also while the tire wasn’t slipping.

For Zwift development, you can check my ride: “Zwift - 1/25/2015 Island” I switched ANT+ sensors after about 85 minutes.

I can send a picure of my setup or you can view it here , Eric Min can view this one.

I also have a video of the slipping alert when riding at a constant pace.

Hi Onno,

If you are having trouble, please send in a support ticket by clicking on the link above near your name so we can get the info into our system.


Tonight, 27 Jan, I also received three “slipping” alerts. All three were during periods of very steady, not unusually high, power. The alerts says to slow down until the alert goes away. I came to a stop two of the three times and the alert would not go away…until I just started peddling again. The third time, I didn’t stop. I slowed and then accelerated. The alert went away. There was no way that the wheel was slipping. Tonight, I even tightened the wheel another half turn just to ensure good contact. Not sure what is happening.

I connected my ant+ dongle to an usb extension cable this evening and taped it on my bike around 10 cm from the cadence/speed sensor. I now have lesser “slipping tire” warning and my watt and cadence numbers seems more stable.

Before I did that, I had the exact same problem. Many tire slipping warnings.