tyre slippage warning + internet connection

(darrall edwards) #1

Hi there everyone, hoping someone could shed a bit of light on a little problem / annoyance.

As mentioned I get a tyre slippage warning ( yes everything is checked, double checked & re checked, tyre pressure is within limits, 2-3 turns on the T/trainer,  speed & cadence senors have new batteries & the gap is within the limit & do not dropout, ANT+ sensor is less than 3 ft away from the bike) I get sporadic warnings, could this be down to the internet connection as the bandwidth in this area is quite unstable, the ping is anything from 50- 300 ms when using a USA westcoast server, so does Zwift use the internet to make the calculations for the power readings or is it done on my machine.

Would getting a power meter help resolve this issue I live & work in the middle east & I’m travelling back to the UK mid January & will buy one there if need be, I dont really want to spend an unnecessary amount of money if its not going to help resolve this annoying problem.

My setup is : Kurt Kinetic road machine, cateye speed & cadence sensor, Cyclops ANT+ dongle & Garmin heart rate sensor

Thank you in advance.

(P Sauve (8610')) #2

There’s a known problem with tire slippage and Cateye’s ISC-11 ANT+ sensors.  

They’re working it.  See: https://support.zwift.com/hc/en-us/articles/207292503-Cateye-Speed-Cadence-Sensor-Triggers-Tire-Slippage-Message

I just stop peddling until the warning disappears and start up again.  Aggravating, especially when I did the FTP Workout today - the average FTP dropped 4-6W each time because Zwift recorded that few seconds as 0 watts.

(darrall edwards) #3

Thank you P Sauve for the reply,

yep thats exactly the sensor I have, I’ll order a Garmin one & hopefully that’ll resolve this annoying issue, it gets kinda annoying when you put the power down in a race & then you get this warning.

many thanks for the info.