Tire slipping alert

I’m new to zwift and have a cheap spin bike with cheap speed and cadent sensors off of Amazon. First week of riding was perfect everything was working fine but this week have been getting tire slipping message up every 5 to 10 seconds. Anyone else had this issue on a spin bike if so how did you fix it?

A spin bike with a tyre? What make and model is it?

That’ll help diagnose it.

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It doesn’t have a tire haha it’s just a normal spin bike which is confusing me I’m tighten up resistance and still says the alert. If I’m honest I don’t know what make and model was a cheap one we’ve had in the garage for years.

Probably going to struggle to get expert help here without knowing the make and model.

They all work differently, the principles the same but each will be different in terms of adjustments etc…

Try posting an image of it.

You might find that your power has improved and causing the spin bike to register a slip despite the band being as tight as possible.
I might recommend that you buy a decent cheap road bike and a tyre on Trainer… They shouldn’t cost too much, and upgrade.
You will then have the ability to take the bike outside as well when the weather is nice.
You will also notice that your zwifting is improved as well due to both the equipment upgrades and your enjoyment.

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I can defiantly feel I have more power. Seems now when I’m hitting over 200w it causes it to do the alert. I properly going to have to bite the bullet and buy a bike and trainer. Was just a budget set up to get me going to see if I liked it haha would there be anything you would recommend with a trainer or which bike?

try cleaning the roller with alcohol based wipes, an d make sure tyre is at correct pressure

It’s a “cheap spin bike.” It doesn’t have a tyre.

It is probably because it is not supported by Zwift because Zwift does not have a power curve. If you use higer resistance you may not have the warning but your power number is accurate with that setup.

does it have a belt that tightens around a “wheel” may need cleaning?