How can I have tire slippage when I'm not even on the bike and nothing is moving, including me?

I rode in trial mode, worked great. Signed up and paid and poof! doesn’t work at all. I have a Kurt Kinetic Road Machine, Interchange Speed/Cadence monitor, up to date laptop and top of the line Android phone. Everything pairs up fine. As soon as I turn on the Zwift companion (which worked last week without any problems), a message pops up and says due to tire slippage, it’ll slow down, yada yada yada and I can’t ride. I put in another new battery in the cadence/speed monitor (in case the new one that works fine isn’t), moved the magnet, got the magnet on the pedal working all together and green light is a go, everything going great, then Zwift updated and now I can’t ride. How co I get a slippage notification when I’m not even on the bike, no movement at all?

I had the same thing tonight. This was my first time using Zwift. I just got my wahoo speed and cadence sensors in today.

At one point, I wasn’t on the bike at all and my avatar was moving at about 15mph and cadence was reading about 70. I’m trying to figure out if I set mine up wrong or what? The wahoo app on my phone is showing the correct speed/cadence.