Its unpredictable

Using a classic trainer, Wahoo speed and cadence sensor, Android s8 phone and a basic windows laptop all using bluetooth, worked pretty well on Friday night, rode for about 20 minutes Saturday and then got tire slippage which basically put my ride at end, Bluetooth began to play up so after numerous attempts of on and off the bike, I gave up, 13 quid a month, not sure its worth it as I work away during week so only get to ride Watopia


Not sure how you are attributing your issues to Zwift.  Tyre tension is set by yourself.  Many others use bluetooth with absolutely no issues at all and generally speaking any issues are down to individuals configuration.  I’d check everything through before giving up.

Also you can either use Zwifthack to ride wherever you want and Watopia is not the course every weekend.

I can safely say that for me it wasn’t going to be worth it until I upgraded to a smart trainer. (Cyclops Magnus)

I had an older fluid 2 trainer and I had fun but it wasn’t close to accurate.  I also got tire slippage errors from time to time.  Zpower works for some but not for others.


Only running Swift on Apple and Mac doesn’t help the people on Android which is all I have, I have checked and rechecked my settings, some days I get tire slippage, others I don’t and  as to Watopia not on every weekend, it is in February apart from last sunday, the rest of the month is Watopia, they may be a hack but I don’t know anything about hacking!