What's a normal length of time to get help back from the tech. team?

(James Ward) #1

I’m no longer able to run Zwift since installing Win10, so submitted a support request. This was initially dealt with very quickly. Excellent! After trying all the usual fixes with no success, this was then referred to the technical team. It’s all been quiet since then for over a week so far - a long time when you’re paying for a service.

Is it normal to have delays this long, or might it mean that there’s a glitch in the support system?

It’s putting a bit of a downer on a product I absolutely love. :frowning:

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #2

Hi James,

You ticket is in our queue. It should have been answered by now but I’ll go find it and see if we can get some forward momentum on it.

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #3

Hi James,

It’s currently with one of our developers who’s trying to figure out why it’s causing this issue. I’ve poked him about it and he’s looking at it right now.

(James Ward) #4

Hi Eric,

Thanks for getting back so quickly. I really appreciate it - just to know that it’s still being looked at helps a lot. I hope they find a fix, cos I’m flummoxed. Never had problems before, and a reinstall isn’t fixing the problem.



(James Ward) #5

Perhaps you could poke again - because in the FOUR WEEKS since submitting the ticket I’ve seen no progress - only promises to look into it. 

Everyone’s very nice, which goes quite a long way, but only so far!

Has anyone done anything yet? Even an update on what’s been tried would be nice.