What version should I have?!?

I am on Zwift almost daily. Today the application was updated. I have it on two laptops, and both were updated. So, I figured I had the latest and greatest.
To backtrack, I am on travel, and when on travel I use my Kickr Snap V1 which Zwift sees as 38333 or FEC-38333. Yesterday I rode with Zwift configured via Ant+ for Power Source and Controllable set to FEC-38333, and it worked as usual, including the spindown.
But, after today’s update, Controllable no longer sees FEC-38333. Power Source sees and connects to it, but Zwift doesn’t register Watts or support spindown without the Controllable connection. I have to switch to 38333. This enables Zwift to register Watts, but Zwift won’t support a spindown.
So, I uninstalled Zwift, downloaded it from Zwift, and reinstalled it, the update kicked in again, but the Controllable problem remained. Again, I should have had the latest version.
So, I check Windows 11 control panel and it indicates version 1.1.5.

What version should I have? Also, what needs to be done about Controllable not seeing FEC-38333?

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This seems to be a more widespread issue. You can see some more of the discussion on the update thread: Game Update 1.33 [January 2023] - #86 by Richard_Barnhill

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