What percent of Zwifters Have Reached Level 60?

What percent of Zwifters Have Reached Level 60? Also how many have all the badges?

I doubt you’ll get an answer to either question and even if Zwift did give that statistic it quotient be an accurate reflection.

For example do you count active users only? Do you count those who have paused membership?
Those that have cancelled membership after a week?
Those that cancel during the summer?
Those that run only?

There’s so many more variables that would skew the figures.

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Obviously it would be against all Zwift accounts that have ever been activated.
I’d love to have this feature as well. Kind of same what f.ex. Playstation have on their trophies (3% of players…).
For me as a ordinary user it seems to be pretty straight forward and trivial implementation. For sure this information is available in Zwift’s db…

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Saying “Obviously it would be against all Zwift accounts that have ever been activated” would probably make your number less meaningful. Think of this example, lets assume Zwift has 1 active person and they are Level 60. This person once had an account they discarded and are Level 60 in a new account. Do we say that 50% of people are Level 60 as he had 2 accounts? I would argue not.

This is why as the pervious person suggested there are to many variables to consider to get a percentage. I agree though it would be nice to know how many accounts are at the various levels.

“would probably make your number less meaningful”
Well probably but any how it would be doable, I guess. It would be a small number anyhow. And if you get that figure from all levels it would make some what sense…

Dude there’s stuff they haven’t fixed since beta. Nothing is to trivial and basic for zwift programs too screw up.

:smiley: I want to be a bit more positive, but yeah doesn’t mean I’m realistic :sweat_smile:

But if I have to guess I’d say that they don’t have the users in multiple databases. Might be that there is some localization that f.ex. people from europe is in one and people from asia is an other one. Anyhow it would not change the figures (% of how many in which level) drastically I think even if everyone would get his/her own “area” figures…