Estimate of % of Zwift riders that are over 10% real power reading

I was curious what people think the percentage of people who are riding Zwift that are significantly over their real world power output… My suspicion this is a pretty high number, may 20%…



Not sure if you are trying to start an argument or not but what difference does it make.

I really don’t judge myself against other in the virtual world of Zwift because I know there are people on there who are cheating, either on purpose or unintentionally. All I can do is make sure my setup is calibrated and consistent from ride to ride and that weight is correct. I have no control over what other people on Zwift do or don’t do so I am not going to stress about it. If there is an obvious flier I will flag them using the app, but other then that I go about my business.

I know a bunch are going to complain about how it is destroying the group/races on Zwift and are requesting Zwift do more about minimizing it. Zwift is working on minimizing the fliers and coming up with more ways to level the playing field, but to police all cheaters will be next to impossible. It’s an online world and people will cheat. 

Peoples egos are a fragile thing.

Waiting for all the down votes.

Paul, I agree with you.  Cheating can’t be stopped (IRL too) so just move on and ride.  Use Zwift to improve yourself. 

I’m definitely not trying to start an argument! I’m just curious about these kinds of things. I don’t think anything can be done about it for commercial and technical reasons, but I think it would be interesting to know.

Of course, facts and knowledge seem to be taking a back seat to commercial interests these days, but Zwift is a .com, not a .org

I like Zwift - a lot. 

Whats pissing me off are riders who do a 10km+ lap with 7w/kg or more, and yet they get jerseys…

whats the point of those jerseys then? who cheats more?

I know i probably will never get jersey as im average or worse but still

im sure zwift could come up with some kind of formula to calculate achievable power output for certain periods of time, and would scratch those unreal…

Of course they could, but they would lose subscribers. 

I’m not sure how I would handle this if I was running it, frankly…

Looks like in the new update they are addressing “fliers”.

We’ve also improved our algorithms for flagging certain riders who may have an extremely mis-calibrated setup and you should see the effects of that over the coming week.

Haha… The Zwift Scarlet letter… I love it.

They really need to disable drafting effects on these riders. It really messes with races. I have benefited from it, however. Been dropped then got on a flier’s wheel and got a nice 5w/kg tow to the lead group.