what is your average cadence?

i’ve just gotten into Zwift rehabbing a shoulder injury and not being able to ride my mountain bike.  i guess i am used to grinding up fire roads or technical single track with a low cadence because my comfort zone in Zwift seems to be about 60-70.  i’ve never really thought about it before but this has got me thinking maybe i’m not being efficeint.  i’m curious what other people are averaging?



85-90, but I do some workouts at 60-70 rpm.

There is more to life than efficiency … I do a lot of singlespeed road climbing at cadences mostly between 40 and 70 rpm. Unless you have specific goals that require you to be in that professional 90-100 rpm range, then I don’t think you’re losing anything by riding at anaerobic cadences.

ok thanks guys, i have been working on increasing it a bit but it’s hard to get used to!