Extremely high cadence

I’ve just finished a 30 kms race with an average cadence of 97. I’m happy with my performance but I kept wondering wether it is fine to have such a high cadence. I’m usually around 95 so today wasn’t any exception.

So my questions are:
Am I the only individual racing like this?
Is there anything I should change?

Hey Harold,

I wouldn’t say I am experienced racer by any stretch of the imagination, but my cadence tends to sit between 90 and 95, dropping to 85 on inclines.

I think if you are comfortable with it, that is a reasonable cadence. The “standard” I always hear is around 80 to 90.

I think if you are comfortable with it, that is a reasonable cadence.

Yes. There are cadence drills you can do to possibly increase your range of comfort at different numbers, or (you can do very low cadence work) for strength building, etc… But when it comes down to it, the right cadence is the one at which you are both comfortable and efficient.

It really depends on what your training has set you up for, what your muscles naturally want, etc. Trackies can race with about 120 rpm. Froomie during his high cadence attacks were about his as well.

During TT efforts, I try to keep my cadence between 100-110. When I’m tooling around I will usually pedal in the mid 80s. I would say that an average of 97 is pretty good. Keep up the good work.

Thank you all for your replies.
Good to know that it’s not a problem :slight_smile: