Your view on Cadence

Obviously there is no right or wrong with choosing the best cadence for yourself. However, i used to ride high cadence but i noticed that a lot of times i would tire myself using 2 small gears. In the past years i have changed to a cadence between 70-75 and always adjust my gears to maintain that rhythm. Sometimes even lower in climbs. Since then i am way fresher and way faster.

Whats your personal view or your practice on this?


I was just going to post a similar question! I usually ride with a cadence of 70 rpm because it is easier for me to maintain the specified power level… I noticed the training plans usually ask for high cadence (90 to 100) but It just feels wrong to me. Also, while riding with my friends outside, it seems I have much lower cadence than them but I have no problem keeping up. Fisically though, I have muscle contractures on my upper right glute (near the spine) and I suspect it may be related to training with heavy load for a long time… I’m trying to improve my core fitness at the gym to solve this issue. 

before zwift i was a grinder, everything in big ring and just power it out. good for 60 mile sportive then knackered. had no cadence meter at the time but suspect i would be below 75 rpm for a ride. Since riding on zwift (nov 2017) i can now maintain 90 to 100 rpm and i am imo way faster and can go longer too. This has come about from doing the group rides and then from racing. So what i am saying is practice it and it will come cos i always thought i couldnt spin !!!

Here is a good read on cadence:

I have had better experience at a cadence between 70-75.

Everyone is different so you should find a cadence that works for you.