Wattage high difference - cadence heartrate


I would like to ask how it is possible that im having such a big gap in wattage-heartrate
when i ride with high cadence or low ( im cycling 1month half now 4-5times in a week an hour)
(my max heartrate 190)

So when i do a ride of 1hour with average cadence of 70-75 at heartrate 130-133 average in that hour
i have 166watt and after that hour i feel good , i dont feel tired or anything

when i do a high cadence training 90-100 cadence at heartrate 130-133 im getting average 100watt

its even hard to get 100watt for 1hour with that cadence ,
that is a pretty big gap right ?

How is this possible ?

You do lose efficiency at higher cadence and a higher cadence can cause a higher HR.

i should keep training with high cadence or train with the cadence where im best with

since on every website you can read that higher cadence is so much better and you will perform better with it and get stronger with it faster but when i see i can only do 100watt with high cadence it is pretty demotivating.

Modern thinking is that everyone has their own optimal cadence, higher is not necessarily better, just go with what works for you.

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ok thanks for the reply

It could help to know what you are training for.

Another thing is most if not all those websites are talking about elite amateurs or pros,

Find what works for you, everyone’s low and high cadence is different.

in 4months there is some amateur race that i wanna participate
and try to do good, its 60km or something

so im training for that

Something here doesn’t add up… and I’m guessing it’s because there’s some missing information.

If your heart rate is 130 - 133 bpm at 70-75 RPM and 166W…
AND then you simply increase your cadence to 95 RPM… both your HR and your Power (W) should increase due to the faster leg speed and increased aerobic demand.

On the other hand, If you achieve the higher cadence by shifting to a lower gear - then your power should be similar at both cadences (unless it’s a MUCH lower gear?) and, even then, your average HR should still drift upward over time w/ the increased cadence.

If your max is 190 bpm, I don’t understand why you’re focused on maintaining a 130 bpm average at both high and low cadence?

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Hello Joe

im riding with a tacx neo 2 and the tacx trainer app
i use the slope and i put it on 1.6% for example and in ERG mode.

And yes im using much lower gear ofc when i switch too cadence 95
for example today i would train 1hour with 75 average cadence and i try to aim for 166watt on my tacx then ok i will average 130bpm but then the next day i train 1hour with 95cadence and try to aim for 166watt i will be at 150bpm for 1hour.

Ok i can ride at 166watt with high cadence 95
but then my heartrate will jump at 150+

thats what i wanna explain that i don’t understand how the gap can be so big
that for example when i ride with 166watt with 75cadence then i will get around 130heartrate average
and feel rly comfortable
but then when i try to ride 166watt with a high cadence like 95 then i jump to atleast 150heartrate

And i try to train around 130bpm most of my trainings since thats what i read and they tell the people,
that you can improve the fastest with training in d1-d2 low intensity zones.

90% of trainings should be in those zones ?

Ok - but this is perfectly normal. Keeping all other things constant (i.e. power constant at 166W in ERG), pedaling faster has the effect of decreasing the resistance you feel in your legs (because you’re spreading the same work over a greater number of pedal strokes per minute) - but doing so places a greater demand on your cardio-vascular system. Moving your legs faster means your muscles need more oxygen, and that means more heartbeats!

Conversely, slowing your cadence shifts that balance the other way. Your legs move slower and do more work with each stroke. This can be good for getting your HR down out of the red, but only within reason. Slow your cadence down to 60 rpm and keep power at 166W and you’ll see what I mean.

Which HR zone you train in, for how long, and when, will vary depending on your personal training goals.

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i have still 3-4months before the race i wanna join
so there is still time but in 1month time i almost did not improve.

what i do now is 5times in a week 1hour-1hour30minutes every training
and try to get in bpm zone of 120-140.

But it still didnt have any effect on me which is pretty weird.

I expected to improve much the first weeks but don’t know…

you can only improve when you add 2-3hour rides then and 1hour rides dont get any impact on a body or?

I am not a personal trainer but at that low HR zone you will need a long time in the saddle. If you want to make the bes use of your 1 hour you need to do HIIT training.

also when there is not really a base ( a really bad Cardiovascular Endurance ) ,
HIIT can alrdy get a rly good effect?

i thought you should first a few months low intensity before you can get into these HIIT
so there is alrdy some base

As long as your heart is healthy? I think you can start doing some HIIT right away - even if your ‘base’ is lacking. You’ll see quicker gains in fitness and endurance adding 2 - 3 HIIT workouts each week than you will doing steady-state low intensity training all the time (especially if you’ve only got 1 hr/day to ride).

As always, if you have health issues or concerns - check with your doctor before ramping up the intensity.

i alrdy did heart screening & exercise test to look everything
so that should be alright.

and thanks for the tips , i will add atleast 2 HIIT workouts every week
and see if i improve faster with that.

do you think sweetspot trainings are best or rly the high intensitiy intervals where you for example do 500watt for 30seconds and go in red?