Trainings with lower cadence

I have a Mountainbike background and just started with Zwift. All the trainings I did so far include higher cadence parts with up to 110rpm. Do you have any recommendations for trainings with more mountainbiking like cadences (around 80rpm)

You’ll get credit for completing workouts at any cadence, so you can ignore the cadence demands and pedal however you want


Yep that’s what I do cadence is normally around 75

if mountain riders ride with low cadence how come u guys have so many gears? :smiley:

To get up the steeper climbs

I was primarily a mountain biker before, although not so much recently but I’d suggest that you try and get yourself comfortable turning the pedals at different cadences, not just ‘slow’ ones. This will give you more options or ‘tools’ if you like to help you on your mountain bike rides. Sometimes you’ll want to grind out a hill at a slow cadence (60-80 rpm say). Sometimes being able to quickly accelerate your cadence up for a short duration can give you a burst of power to get you over a difficult technical section, without the risk of dropping your chain by trying to change gear in a non-optimal place (100+ rpm say). Sometimes on a long uphill you’ll want to spin those pedals at a comfortable pace to not tire your legs out (80-100 rpm).

TLDR: The more comfortable you can be all all different sorts of cadences, the more ‘tools’ you’ll have at your disposal to make your riding better.