What is ‘Tap To View Routes’

What is the ‘Tap To View Routes’ button and how do I get it to stop showing up on a ride. I’ve played with it and I’m not sure what it does or why I need(?) it. I pick my route when I start and don’t really care about options as I’m riding.

Hi @Scott_Grinnell

Welcome to the forum.

That button is for when you want to do manual turns, let’s say you chose the volcano loop and decide you want to go up the alpe then you take a few manual turn to ride to the alpe.

Is there a way to make it NOT appear. I’m just starting and follow the route I select when I start my ride.

I believe if you hide the HUD (press H on keyboard if on PC, or use the blue pop-up menu icon) then they will not show up anymore… of course then you lose all the other info too.

I’ll try that. Thanks!