What is my weight?

I update my weight before each ride. I’ve noticed I’ll consistently drop about 1.8 kg over an intense 75-90 minute ride (race or training). So if I’m 89 kg at the start of a ride and I know I’ll be 87.2 kg by the end of the ride…what weight should I enter?

If racing, probably about 78kg based on actual weight.

In all seriousness, you are probably overthinking the accuracy needed. For legit video weigh ins they will ask you for pre-race weight.

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Thanks Lee (I’m guessing you mean 89 kg?)

It was a tongue in cheek joke that obviously didnt come across in text :rofl:

Yeah go with the 89kg :+1:

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Hi @Rick_Elliott1, Welcome to the Forums!
I’m Fernanda, from Zwift.

I couldn’t miss the opportunity to put my two cents on your question. Definitely, the weight is really important to get accurate fitness metrics and a realistic categorization on your rides, we recommend using the initial weight (pre-ride) to get the best experience, since the weight loss after an activity may vary depending on your diet before the activity and fluids consumption, in your case keep using 89kg.

Most importantly, keep your enthusiasm for taking your rides to the next level!

Thanks Fernanda!

Based on Zwifers I personally know, in Zwift people gets “a lot thinner” than in real life -by a long margin lol…

Just for curiosity purposes, I would love to know the Zwift community BMI based on profile data, and how it compares to real life. IRL people keep getting bigger and bigger: 43% of the US population is obese and 80% overweight, but in Zwift everyone is just perfect LOL

For me, I currently have Zwift set 30 kg low…75 instead of 105…but am not racing. I have a bad knee and have replacement scheduled for late August. I can ride easy (pull thru and lift…not force down) and have Trainer Difficulty set to 5% or so. No racing…just cruising and Bot rides (1.1 and 1.5).