Certifying height and weight of riders

Is there a way for me to certify my height and weight for races? I have been getting a lot of crap for my 56kg weight. I weigh myself almost every day, and unless both scales in my house are wrong, 56kg is my actual weight.

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I had a look at a few ZP profiles as I know a lot of racers provide detailed stats etc which can help suspicious people.

For example, Stefan Kirchmair references a ZwiftTransparency FB group for his weight. Have a look at any of the top ADZ speedsters for tips on profile setup.

But unfortunately I dont think you will stop doubters having a go at you, some people just dont want to believe - especially if the discussion is facebook based!

I have seen Zwift racers upload weight verification videos before on YouTube. They show the scale has been zeroed out, weigh themselves, then add a known weight and weigh again.

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