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One solution in the UK would be to use a look up system back to something like Cycling Time Trials or British Cycling results and see how individuals perform there.
I looked up two or three top 10 riders in today’s BC TT and they have not gone sub 20 not got any where close to to it, yet produce 5w/kg in a Zwift race!
Zwift need to verify riders results.

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What if they don’t race in the real word? I used to be a 1st cat but retired 3 years ago due to family commitments. If I somehow got back to my 5.2w/kg ftp and smashed zwift would I get DQ for not having the time to race a Nat B every weekend?


I think if you got yourself back to 5.2w/kg you would want to race as training that hard for nothing would be extremely hard.

Swift would be able to see the hours and efforts you hah put in and would be able to verify it too.


There’s no way I’ll be getting back there. Anyway when I was racing at that level zwift races were still hard :rofl:

I don’t wish to get away from the fact Swift races are hard! I just want them to be similar to what we see out on the roads. I believe Swift is trying to address it but until the Turbos can measure weight as well there will always be those who wish to lie about their weights!


weight is not the big culprit it is not having proper racing ranking system, and measures to keep a eye on riders.

With a ranking system weight dopers will go up to the next cat where they will loose and that will stop them from doping. Until they get to A but to be a A there should be stricter measures.

Weight changes should be monitored by Zwift, no more than 2kg down in a week.

Weight is the culprit I’m afraid as the watts is a measured number but weight is a self Declared number.

We should all be entering our weights to a decimal place, 350w at 85kg is 4.11w/kg. 350w 84.7 is 4.13w/kg but Zwift sees this as the same.

Zwift also uses weight to change the effect on inclines, so weight is a big issue.

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How can I convince Zwift that I am a domestic pro mountain biker. I’m new in Zwift…so I am using old school trainer. My watts correlate with the watts I ride at a watt bike studio. Obviously I would have preferred a smart trainer for better accuracy. I think I’m getting flagged at races. Not so cool.

This is a great point. Weight by full kg only isn’t fine enough resolution.

I got DQd from a Clydesdale race because of a rounding error going between lbs and kg. I was right on the border but I was on the correct side of it

If you use a smart scale that link to Zwift you will get weight in 0.1kg increments.

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That’s a great solution. Only thing holding me back from doing that is for me personally if I get a daily or weekly graph of weight data I suspect I will get obsessive about the data.

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Which begs the question… if Zwift can use this level for Withings and Fitbit scales why can’t users enter the same level of accuracy manually?

One can never have enough Data.


Probably because people don’t update their weight ever :scream:, look at zwift power many users set up their weight when they first join Zwift and then never again.

I don’t see the big difference in performance between 75.4kg and 75kg you can fluctuate by that much in a day.

So I just think the programming effort to handle one more decimal is not worth it (my opinion)

But we know Zwift is working on a new UI so maybe this is something that is coming.

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I get that most people don’t update their weight, and it’s not a huge issue but obviously the code is already there to support this. It isn’t like they have to update massive code since as you stated this is available for smart scales so the capability is already there. Zwift just chose not to put that level of precision on the manual side.

Side note, I’ll dig through my logs later today after my ride and see if there is a way to edit the weight with a decimal from within the log and not the Zwift app itself. (Work around but for those that really want to precision without buying a scale it could be an option if it works)

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It sound easy but dealing with data a lot I know it sound stupid but it can be challenging.

But see if there is a feature request for more weight accuracy and vote it up or if there is not one then create one. I personally think it is a good suggestion.
While Zwift dig into that code they should limit the amount of weight you can change in a week.

Soon we need a smart saddle that measures weight per 0.1g every 0.5s :crazy_face:

There goes my plan to put my kid on the saddle at the start to “verify” my weight then zoom off at an insanely high w/kg :rofl:

Searched all the prefs and logs on the computer and couldn’t find anywhere weight is listed. However, on you can enter a decimal for the weight and it retains it. Not sure if editing the weight in game only allows whole numbers or not. Or it’s possible Zwift only displays whole numbers for weight in the game but is really using the exact weight to 1 decimal place.

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Hi Admins,
I need help to delete my 2 races, did last 19/4/20 & 20/4/20 respectively… im not in powermeter that time, sorry :pray:t2:

Thank you…