Questionable winner of today's Elite Pro Series race

If you want to maintain any sliver of credibility for Zwift racing, you’ll DQ the “winner” of today’s Elite Pro Series race. A 50+ year old that can hold 5.7 wkg for 30m at 137 bpm?

There’s worse they haven’t done anything about. Like a 60+ year old that can hold 5.5 w/kg for 60m at 135-139 bpm in Zwift and wins whenever he wants, but IRL can only finish back of pack in U.S. cat 4 races in a weak racing state.

Doesn’t matter to Zwift except for their top-level racing, esport championships.

Whilst you are in all likelihood 100% correct, is there any info to basis a DQ on?

This is where zwift racing is going, zwift won’t police it, it’s a free for all…

Agreed, although the Elite Series is about as top-level as it gets. Maybe it doesn’t get the same attention as Premier League or the WCs, which is why they may not do anything about it.

Good point, even though anyone that watches racing and knows what 5.7 wkg means, knows it’s not legit. And I understand Zwift’s point of view… why would they DQ a paying customer? But if they really want to grow the racing scene into something legitimate, they need to make hard decisions.

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Just looking at the wider results, why are they not using Cat enforcement if it’s such a high profile race?


Good question. Perhaps Elite didn’t want to or realize that was even an option? It’s my understanding it’s currently up to the race promoter/sponsor whether they want to use cat enforcement or not. Perhaps the next race they will! haha

I participated in that race today and was surprised (aka disappointed) it was not a cat enforcement race. Would be nice if these marquee type events were used to advance the cause of making cat enforcement the new normal.