Zwift Licences and weight / height verification

We already effectively pay for a Zwift Licence, it is 12.99 GBP / month in the UK.

A possible solution to the weight/height doping would be that every 6 months you have to get a weight / height verification done by a Zwift representative, someone who is local to you.

Part of the Zwift Licence fee could be used to pay an official Zwift Rep for this purpose.

Some price restructuring may be required, such as you pay for 6 months at a time. That is up to Zwift to decide.

If you do not or cannot get your Licence approved by attending a “official Zwift weigh in”, you would still be able to use the app but no official results would be recorded in KoMs or races.

Hello @Ed_Bird4428, I’m not sure what prompted your post, but Zwift has a verification process already.

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In essence I agree there is a need to verify but i fear this is taken too far. There are lots of smart scales that can be connected to Zwfit, i am using one for instance. They should have a rule that you need to weigh in 24h before the race and let the scale communicate with Zwift. For non smart scale owners, they shoud not be able to change the weigh to more than 1% per week. It is impossible to drop from 100kg to 90kg in one week and still be able to race at a competitive level, for example

Yea the smart scale would be a good way to start with, maybe a verification picture orso aswell? Like they do on the facebook where you can verify your weight so people know your legit.

100kg to 90kg is 10% though, I am able to change more then 1% on weight in a week, I have a strange body, one morning I am 63 and then 2 mornings later I am 65, my wife stays at stable weight. (Yes both measured in the morning)

Weight and Height is only a problem in the A+ group IF zwift have a proper ranking system. Zwift only need to check that you don’t change height and that weight changes is reasonable.

If someone is a C rider IRL but lower his weight for zwift then he will quickly move to the B cat in Zwift so still no easy winning. We will all race similar ability avatars, even if your power source is reading high or low you will be grouped with people producing the same effort.

A+ will still need more verification.

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I am pretty sure they use that for the A A+ riders. Us normal B, C, D riders would need meet the guidelines. I think we also need a way to ‘certify’ our weight. Maybe a one time certification at a local participating bike shop. Then Zwiftpower can see weight changes. There is a window of change before alarm bells go off. I average 159 lbs, but it can swing by 1-2 lbs either side on any given day.

I always thought Zwift should get involved with bike shops and have some ‘certified’ weigh in locations. A rider could do it once, then Zwiftpower knows that weight. ZP has a +/- before alarms are sounded. If that happens, such as an overweight rider that is losing weight, they could go back to weigh in again to verify it is legit.


Weight isn’t everything. There is still the issue of miscalibrated trainers/inaccurate power output from wheel-on trainers.


Don’t forget that “cheaters” are a big mass of people paying Zwift subscription monthly.
Same thing as Strava does with the “group ride KOMs” in all terrain except the very hilly…
Companies are benefit oriented, so you can’t expect nothing from them about doing anything that can disappoint the big mass of cheaters giving money to them.

So, if one have to have a really fair competition, then need to go over the real roads to do it. Oh wait! then you will find people on some doping… :sweat_smile:

Simply no hope, that’s human race, so… :tipping_hand_man:

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i don´t understand the logic behind leting you make big changes to your height … and then bring the old values back at will, and then up again, etc. People with more than 18 years have sudden changes in height in a matter of days? The software should block someone with 20s or more in age to change the height (maybe 1 or 2 cm but a limited number of times). People don´t change 10cm in height overnight.
And weight changes should have limitations too. X % per week and block sudden changes of absurd values. It should use BMI to help spot blatant cheating situations.