Weight Verification Idea

(John Butter KISS (B)) #1

Here’s a thought to incorporate bike shops into the ZWIFT experience.  Similar  to how secure ID tokens are used to verify login IDs, a bike shop could have a tokenizing code that is within ZWIFT where a rider to get the “ZWIFT WEIGHT CERTIFIED” symbol could go to a bike shop that has the app and a scale. 

The rider weighs in, the shop witnesses the weight and with a timestamp, ZWIFT user login, and weight combination generates the rider a “Token” that can be entered by the rider in their profile.  This “Token” then flips the certified switch and locks the weight.

I know there are still ways around this but it does seem to be a hot topic and it is admittedly frustrating when you cruising along and someone is riding TEMPO at 6.7w/kg.  Game hacks are cool if someone wants to move through levels quickly to experience more of a game but most people want to know there is a level playing field.  

This idea might be the beginning of the “Apple Store” experience where bike shops have a ZWIFT kiosk of services and products.


(John Bytheway ZHR E) #2

Personally I don’t think many would go to a shop. Having thought about this previously…I think it needs a hardware solution…maybe a mat with inbuilt scales zwift knows what trainers we use so could use a db of trainer weights…anything on top would be the rider plus bike. …let’s say it uses a minimum bike weight of 16lbs  but riders could input their bike weight if heavier…therefor the rest is the rider…bottles could be placed on a table etc …this could provide validated rider weights every ride…sounds extreme but I can see a time when zwift races get serious…If there was a series that specified the use of such a thing and it worked…it could become the norm to race …if the device was reasonably priced.

(Duane Gran [Vision]) #3

The simplest solution is the honor system in place right now, but I could see some of the race series wanting to hold people to a higher standard.  If Zwift sees value in supporting racing a combination of the following might be helpful:

  1. Augment the weight field with a “last updated” notation.  Races might require the data to be up to date within 14 days, for example.
  2. Integrate support with an Ant+ scale if you want to automate a weigh in prior to each ride.  These are commercially available and not too expensive.

Even with the above it isn’t too hard to imagine ways of gaming things.  Most of the discussion I’ve seen on this is that morally upright will gladly update adhere to the controls and the people who play loose will keep on doing the same, so I’m not sure even doing the above would satisfy the issue.

I do think it only makes sense in the racing context and it would be a big turn off to many people if Zwift was nagging them about their weight figures.

(John Watson) #4

Of course the cheaters would downvote your idea because that would challenge their right to cheat non cheaters. 

(R estless Leg Syndrome) #5

Its really pretty impossible to enforce. Posting a picture of your feet on a scale if “called out” after an important race might be ok, but otherwise who cares? Honor system is good enough generally I think.

If the racing scene really takes off ( and it looks like it is) and prizes/money get involved… then things could get a little crazy. 


(Stef Levolger) #6

Weight is just one thing. The next is the way trainers work. Nothing is really stopping anybody from making it spin using a power tool. Furthermore, Ant is pretty open. Transmitting false data is completely within the realm of possibilities as well.

Consequently, no matter which hurdles you make legit players go through, cheaters will remain having a chuckle.

(Kermit deFrog ( PAC )) #7

The only way to keep the morally bankrupt to the minimum is by NOT EVER lure them with prizes and money as they will come in droves!!!

Personally, I think that racing on Zwift should not be too serious so we can all play fair and enjoy the training.