Pull weight from other apps or apple heath

Lots of people use apps on their phones to track weight, many of which then share data with apple health.  The Zwift app could interface with these and keep a riders weight updated real time.

Myfitnesspal can act as a hub (platform independent)

I agree Myfitnesspal integration will be nice.

Or Garmin connect.

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I just came on here to post this. +1 for the ability for the Zwift app to read data from Apple Health and update weight changes.

Since weight really is a huge factor in power estimation, being able to keep it current and up to date easily is key.

+1 for pulling data from Apple Health Kit.


My Withings scales are synced to iOS health, meaning I wouldn’t need to check my weight before a race to make sure my w/kg is right.

I’ve made a pigs ear of converting stones & lbs to kg and after a race its too late to fix. :frowning:

I honestly don’t see how the weight issue can realistically be solved.   Cheaters will always find a way to cheat, period.    Look at the pro ranks for an example.    Despite the most advanced, aggressive and intrusive drug testing policy by far of any sport, cycling is still tainted by dopers.  

Here are some blue sky ideas:

*Scales built into the trainer themselves that report and adjust real time to the measured weight?

* On-line weight verification system that perhaps uses live video conference to have people weigh themselves and be “certified” by an official system  (might be a nice little online business to start up???)   If any rider changes his weight by more then X pounds they need to be re-certified

* Doctors certificate (hard to validate)


If Zwift is to be taken seriously as a race platform then this problem has to be solved…  Otherwise it will just be an online (and very entertaining) game.     For me, I only “race” against myself so there really is not incentive for cheating. 



yes cheaters will cheat, but I and I assume others would like ours to be accurate - body weight fluctuates, and I gained a stone between 2 races in 4 days due to either bad maths or looking at a number the wrong way converting measurements - wasn’t intentional.

Life would be simpler if all apps pulled weight from one source, so if you weighed yourself once a day, you don’t have to fill in several apps info.


even if it pulled it from Strava since the results board is pulled from Strava anyway?

+1 To be able to sync weight from Apple Health. Most fitness apps and scale apps sync to Apple Health, why not pull data from it?