Peer Presure

(Rick Woods X (CVR)) #1

I think the weight that a rider puts into there should be public or posted beside the w/kg . Peer pressure/ Friends will keep this # more accurate!! What do others think?

(Rick Woods X (CVR)) #2

the weight a rider has in their Profile

(Cory Tomlinson) #3

If it’s accuracy that you’re after then I would suggest the option to have weight synced from Health Data automatically. I would think with a manual setting most people will set it once and forget about it, or at least round down by a few pounds. And sure, put it up on the screen for peer scrutiny too.

(Kevin S ( #4

Good idea! It would save me trying to do the calculation in my head against someone’s watts per kilo when I’m following them up a hill :slight_smile:

(Anthony Cree (STC)) #5

w/kg is the best measure for comparing riders. Keep this, no need to clutter up the screen with more data. Spotting w/kg that is high/low is more likely than noting that someones weight looks unrealistic.

How about signifying the level of achievement on a w/kg basis using the Coggan chart? Rider categories could even be assigned using this chart. Then, flag the rider if a 40+ year old is sustaining 5 w/kg for 20 minutes.

(Jon Trottier) #6

The only person getting cheated by lying is the person themselves. Worrying about everyone else and looking to call out people is just a negative vibe. No matter what you do people will always lie about this to try and win something. At this time Zwift is a great training tool and if you’re doing your best and more that’s all you can ask for. No need to be going around worrying about the 50 year old that’s kicking your butt, maybe he/she is an ex-pro and they truly are handing you your ass on that climb.

Just ride, ride hard, then ride again

(Anthony Cree (STC)) #7

What Jon said.

My preference is still to see w/kg on the leaderboard rather than raw watts or weight, OR, to see w/kg translated into category using the Coggan w/kg chart. Attaining higher levels on the chart could be achievements in Zwift.

(Rick Woods X (CVR)) #8


You make some great points. As a trainingg tool its all about you and your numbers. And Zwift i on the cutting edge of how to make indoor training fun.
I did hear that Zwift may even hold some racing. If that is the case they need to have some accuracy in order to get riders to participate. To get the most participation i feel riders want to feel some accuracy in the platform. That is just a small suaggestion. How about when you search a rider you can look at their profile. Age Weight etc. I would be glad to make my profile stats open to everyone if that would make more people participate in a racing platform. Just thinking out loud

(Jon Trottier) #9

I think Rick, to touch on your point there and I’ve read this in other places on the forum would be to separate firstly races or competitions in groupings by trainer type and then sub groupings of w/KG and so on. This is something that obviously as this grows and gets larger I’m sure they can do. There’s already evidence of some smoothing and “equaling” happening, but there’s also some hiccups regarding this very same thing with weighting and the climbs. I’m a big guy who puts out a lot of power and I most certainly know I climb faster than 4km/h on a 7% grade and I also decent slower than 84km/h on a 4% downgrade.

(Rick Woods X (CVR)) #10

Nice thoughts on this stuff. Gotcha on the smoothing. It will be fun to watch as this Zwift/platform progresses.
Thanks for your input!! Im starting to think outside the box