Rider Ratings

(Jeff Abbott) #1

In the future, maybe we can get rider ratings? IE cat 1-5 or something similar. This way when we get to the “Ride with a Friend” screen, it would have our ratings listed as well. Then I know who is a cat 1 vs cat 5 and I can jump in accordingly.

(L Read) #2

Great idea. I hate it when I jump in over my head and get a total beat down.

(Blaine Hurty) #3

Agreed on this…I did my second ride ever this morning and it would have been nice to know a little more about who else was on the course.

(anon51943766) #4

Very very good idea

(anon51943766) #5

In addition, it could be awsome to see in real time watts (or w/kg) of the other riders

(Chris Jones) #6

@javier they now display the w/kg. Awesome feature, thanks for adding.

(Jerry Perullo (B)) #7

the w/kg live display is awesome. Esp since our weights are all the same, I can confidently assess whether or not I’m going to catch the guy in front of me regardless of the momentary speeds due to gradient.
As for the jumping in… I stopped doing that very early on because it was jacking up Strava (it made you start at the line and then teleport to the drop-in spot). Has that been fixed?

(Rich Pross) #8

That would really be Nice.

(Chuck Kozlowski ZSUNR) #9

Or perhaps rider categories based on W/kg …

(lilmira koyotes) #10

Slightly related, I notice that when people are sprinting hard with high wattage, they turn red. It would be nice to see the wattage display in colour from cold blue to red hot.

(Duane Gran [Vision]) #11

I can’t speak for Zwift on this, but as I think over it I think this would be tricky to implement well. For people who race (which is probably a minority) you could use USAC categories, but again it would probably be less than 10% of the riders and not very helpful.

It seems obvious to use w/kg, but then you create an incentive problem. I know of another platform where riders are shown by their average w/kg and it creates an incentive to hammer every ride because you get what you measure.

An alternative might be to track some performance measure, such as the fastest col d’ zwift (or median) times and sort the group according to those who most closely match yourself. This seems most likely useful to me since this is where selection is likely to happen.

Ultimately any of these measures won’t tell you what John/Sally Doe is doing today, they just tell you what on average he or she done historically.

(Matt Howey) #12

Or perhaps categorizing people as time trial, sprint or climbing specialists based on their previous performances? I routinely can hit the top 10 in the green sprints…but when it comes to Col d’Zwift, not so much!

(Kelly Latham AHDR (C)) #13

I’m finding riding Zwift a bit interesting personally, i’m sort of new to riding and have no idea what i’m good at in terms of sprinting/hills/TT etc. So its really interesting for me to look at my stats in comparison to other riders. Yes it would be really informative to be able to compare myself with other riders who have a similar overall average w/kg. From that information i could decide where best to focus my efforts.

(Mick Neal INTENT - (C)) #14

I think ranking by the 75% quartile would give a pretty good categorization. The google chrome strava plus plug-in displays this and it is a great indicator of actual effort put in.