W/kg x time to rate rider performance in real time

(Timothy Harkness) #1

If there was a calculation of W/kg against time, you could calculate what level someone is riding at. For example, if someone pushes up the Col d’Zwift at 9 W/kg for 60 sec, that’s not impossible for a Cat 2 rider, but if he carries on at that pace for 5 min, he’s a pro.


(Timothy Harkness) #2

If Zwift could calculate recent W/kg against time, it could display performance level (e.g. recovery ride/social/Cat 4/3/2/1/Elite/Pro/World Class) next to the W/kg on their name tag. This would be motivating for people to see how high they could rate, but it would also be a way to call people out, if they’re whizzing around the island at pro level. 

(Brett Martin) #3

I doubt it. It would only give more incentive to cheat as now they are being shown to all as elite level, when they might only be Cat 3 at best.

(Timothy Harkness) #4

I don’t think most people are cheating deliberately though. I think they just don’t know what realistic W/kg figures are, and so they don’t realise their trainers are not calibrated properly.


(Stewart G teamWBR) #5

I agree. Most people with ‘dumb’ trainers are more than likely to have never used any form of power meter and won’t have any idea how much power they are able to put out. If they have done a tough workout around the island they possibly think their figures are fair given they pushed themselves.

(Roger Pier - CISCYCLING) #6

Actually, with a “dumb trainer” a person would be very likely to be using a power meter. Where the issue would come up is if a person neglects to input their proper weight. If they forget, then the W/kg will definitely be off.

(Max Pless) #7

I have a “dumb” trainer.  After looking online for folks who have made their own calibrations in excel and have found the Cyclops power curves to be slightly hope inspiring, rather than “accurate”, I’d like to hear what the zwift folks did to create a power vs. speed correlation…or is that too proprietary to ask of?  However after using gym equipment during a short stint about a year ago, I would say Zwift did a good job.  Or at least if the gym equipment was calibrated, as that is the standard I have gone with.  Zwift power readings seemed to closely match my average power output from the gym elliptical trainer with a relatively similar effort.  Anyways, you guys are making a great “video game” to help make the mundane a great activity, and one that challenges you to push harder!  great Job so far!  Looking forward to seeing what you come out with next!