Additional weight categories

Please add additional weight categories over 200lbs. There is a huge difference between 200, 220, and 240 and above.

For sure, none of the light riders gives a crap, but it doesn’t really affect them. But as a big guy it would be nice to have that functionality and I think that it would attract more riders trying to get fit.

You’re talking about the segments on Strava? That’s down to Strava.

Yes, but Zwift has a relationship with Strava and maybe that can be leveraged - or certainly this data is mined from everyone’s profile so it would be easy to do some sorting on the leader boards don’t you think?

And yes, it won’t happen, I know that. But I am a big guy who got deeply into cycling 35 years ago to rehab an ACL injury, and I raced a LOT back then. It is highly motivating to be compared to your peers, and in cycling that has to do with 3 things - experience, weight, and age - IMHO.

I raced at 178lbs - that was my lowest and was almost impossible to maintain - I grow muscle fast (and fat), especially in my legs and back.

I am nowhere near 178lbs now, and I would like the option to be compared to my peers. Not a 25 yr old flyweight.

So yeah, I would like 2 additional weight categories. Why not? The data is there and quite honestly if you can encourage different sizes and ages of people in a sport where hauling butt is what it is all about, it makes the sport have more appeal and that is GOOD for everyone, don’t you think? I sure do.

I would enjoy some form of weight categories, if at least for the leader boards, in effort to compare myself to people in a similar weight class (and aren’t cheating by saying they only weigh 90 lbm).  Age would be nice too… but one thing at a time.  I know I can see this breakdown to some extent once it hits Strava… but the motivation to push harder is gone done and over with by time the data hits Strava.