Clydesdale Category?

(Mike Mullen) #1

I would like to see a feature where there is a Clydesdale icon for those of us on the heavy side for competitive bike riders. Maybe anything above 27 on the BMI (I hate the BMI).

It would be cool if there were Clydesdale “records” for sprints, climbs, etc.

(Eric Vlaanderen) #2

If there must be a breakdown, I’d rather see it done along the same lines as organized events. Age groups, or racing categories.

There aren’t any races run like amateur wrestling! (Weight class).

That said, Zwift’s target market will include more than just bike racers. Strava has weight-based groupings.

Here’s something Zwift CAN do, that Strava can’t… Classification based on w/kg. zwift could track w/kg for the hill and sprints. Keep track of everyone’s max.

Then, group rankings based on those numbers. While Zwift uses the honor system for your weight, your max watts are recorded in the system.

There would be no “cheating the system”, because any new max scores would be used to classify you.

(Mike Mullen) #3

Actually, I got the idea from CX. A bunch of non-USAC CX races have added a Clydesdale class for riders over 200 pounds. As a relatively heavy shorter guy, I’ve been arguing that it should be by BMI and not just weight.