BIG-Zwifter (over 90kg), let's make group here!

I am a new customer, extremely satisfied with the software indoor cycling.
Currently they are a “C” category, but weighing over 95 kg x 185 cm. I declare my weight honestly even in the registration on the Zwift. Unfortunately, I believe to be a rare gem, as I note the rankings developed by ZwiftPower, which rarely detect cyclists over 90 KG. My question is this: in addition to creating categories for level w / kg A, B, C, D, why not also create categories by weight classes, type 80-85, 86-90, 91-95, 96 and beyond ? And within these weight classes, replicate the classes w / kg A, B, C, D.
Or why not create competitions reserved for over 90 kg?
I am convinced that many of those who probably claim, with a lie, a lower weight, would have found adequate dimensions and personal fulfillment in such a classification.
I hope you at least consider this suggestion.
In any case, anyone who wanted it and was included in these anomalous weight classes, can do so by declaring themselves here.

Maybe you could create special meetups!


There are a few races with weight classes: Like this one -

90kg is very different for someone who is 5’8 compared to 6’8 though.

would it not just end up with strong way out in front and those trying to shift a bit of weight at the back?

Great! I didn’t know these races. Thanks so much, Gerrie Delport.

Yes, you are right, unfortunately it is not possible to catalog everything …

there is aclub near me (real life outdoors not zwift! haha) that categorises riders into expected average speed.

would something like that work?

if you usually do 20 miles an hour that’s one group - 25 mph could be another etc


Most races , on flat courses, would tend to favor you.

At ~95 kg, I can understand your concern, although at my age, etc., I’m already well behind in terms of wattage and watts/kg, and I’m resigned to never being competitive in any sort of race.
I think a lot will depend on the exact physics that Zwift uses. Articles elsewhere say that there’s a penalty for height in terms of aero resistance; I don’t know whether there’s one for girth as well; I hope that more trouble climbing is somewhat compensated on the downhill side – I suspect the aerodynamic factors will come into play here.