Clydesdale Races/Events Still Exist?

Pretty new still to Zwift and understanding the races/events but it looks like in the past there were some events and/or races with specific categories based on weight. ZHR Clydesdale was one I saw but I don’t see it anymore or am just missing it. If someone can direct me to any of these I would appreciate it!

You can search for events on, only a few came up for now.

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Thanks Mike. I guess as I think about my question more it’s more specific to races as I did see those group rides. I’d like to compete a little bit for that competitive side that I enjoy but it would be more fun in similar weight classes.

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Hi Dayton,

I don’t think Robert ZHR is still doing the Clydesdale races. Search for ZHR on FB.

I did a quick search on ZwiftHacks Events and could not find any clydesdale races.

I think without category enforcement it get hard to keep the race a real clydesdale race with people of any weight just jumping into a race without reading the rules.

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Thanks Gerrie - I did look around and couldn’t find anything either except the old races. Seems like the Clydesdale side would work as anybody adding extra weight to appear to fit the criteria would just be penalizing themselves. I know I can’t compete with some of the lighter riders at 6’5 114kg but I’d like to see how I compare to similar size folks.

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I’ve never ridden an actual race, but I ride against everyone on sanctioned rides (TdZ, Fondo, etc.) and then look on Zwift Power for my final result. As long as I’m not last, I’m happy! (for now :wink:)

Even if there were sandbaggers in a race (and there always are), I would be inclined to do an actual race geared toward us larger folks if any exist or are going to be created. I missed my chance to go pro many, many years ago…but now I’m riding on a world stage! Just bigger and slower now…

That is true, but what happen is people think it is a normal A,B,C and D category race so you have the fast guys in A where A should be +100kg, the problem is people not reading the rules and just jump in.

It is not that they want to cheat they just don’t read the instructions.

Yeah I totally get it. Still would be nice if there was one place for us bigger folks to ride against each other even if it got mixed in with those that can’t follow instructions. I could filter that out on Zpower. Thanks all.

Sorry I missed this at the time, the Forums aren’t the best for monitoring questions for organisers!

There is still the ZHR Clydesdale race every Saturday, 15:05 UTC (UTC+1 in the Summer). I’m working on a few things at the moment, including a league and a revamp of the Clydesdale categories.

Meanwhile, please do join (if you haven’t already) the ZHR Zwift Club and/or the Clydesdale and Athena groups on Facebook.


Sorry Robert I should have tagged you.Will do next time. :sunglasses:

No problem, Gerrie, I was lucky to come across it as I don’t visit the Forums that often… outside of our secret group :wink:

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