Please cleanup DTCC & Zwift Riders Scotland Sunday Club Ride results

This event could use a cleanup, especially in the C cat. I think it’s important to be as strict as possible for all events where people sign up for the wrong category’s to make a firm statement that you are supposed to ride in the proper category or not at all. And I’m not talking about people barely over the limit but blatant abuse.

The top 2 in category C is wéll over the 3wkg treshold set for the event AND is faster then all of the B riders and half of the A riders.

Next to that I have some serious suspicions about weight doping by the Polish rider… 183cm and 74kg with that face and the double chin? Yeah right…

It’s not a race?

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You are correct that is a group ride.

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Oh I’m sorry, how is that even remotely relevant?

There were specific pace targets set for each group… race or not, it’d be nice if people actually respected those. And again, I’m not talking about a guy doing 3.2wkg in a 3wkg max group, I’m talking about people doing 4.5wkg+ in 3wkg max group rides.

You could argue it’s not a race, but people get sucked towards other peoples wheels (you know, by far the number one strength of Zwift). Race or ride: I’m picking my group based on what pace I’ll be riding during the event so I can bunch of with people that start the event with the same mindset. These kind of flyers might seem harmless in group rides but in reality often times they are just ripping perfectly good groups apart and that’s simply no behavior that should be tolerated from anybody.

It’s relevant because the results don’t matter (often in group rides the results are randomised). It’s very unlikely for someone to say, hey look, I came 2nd in a group ride, go me!

I get the ideology that “it’s always a race” but I really wouldn’t expect group ride organisers to be going through ZwiftPower after the fact to ensure out of category riders are removed. Maybe it’s just me, but feels like a colossal waste of time.

Removing flyers from results isn’t going to stop them doing it.


There will always be those that go of the front, that is way Zwift introduced the Fence so people know they are of the front. Removing people from the results is not going to make it any better the harm has been done.

The best you can do is ride with the leader and have a fun time, and not worry about those of the front.