Category Drift

Ive been doing some designated Cat D events and when I look on Zwiftpower I see that the majority of participants are Cat B & C. Im a firm Cat D and I dont understand. Is there no way to escape the people who leave me in the dust from the getgo?

Nothing you can do except hope Zwift eventually do something about those who spoil this aspect of their platform for others. Take solace in the fact you’re not a shithouse like they are. Calling people out in the pens and afterwards is sort of fun but ultimately fruitless, given they clearly don’t care they’re spoiling your experience or they wouldn’t be there in the first place.

Ah, human beings are such a treat… :slight_smile: Its funny - Zwiftpower has two columns - one which shows actual category and another that’s just all D’s. What does that mean?

BTW, this is just part of the list, sorted by 20min power – bunch more before you get down to little old me.

That’s a group ride in fairness, not a race. Any category can enter it.

Understood, but arent there enough rides for B’s and C’s?

The category means literally nothing in that event, it’s just a group ride for everyone, an hour long.

Edit: ‘means nothing’ is probably a bit strong, it’s still based on a pace advertised as 1.9-2.1w/kg. But still, absolutely anyone is free to enter it and none of those folks are doing anything wrong at all.

If the pace of that event was too quick in your view versus what it was advertised/described as, that’s down to the ride leader(s).


I get it. But, when Im doing a steady 2.5 and people around me are doing anywhere from 1.8 to 3.0 I get kind of confused. The thing I find the most puzzling is the people who are doing .5 w/k less than me who drop me… no biggie, but it all makes me wonder.

On the flat, w/kg isn’t all that relevant. The raw watts they’re putting out is more important. So your 2.5 may be equivalent to someone else’s 2.0 in wattage which is the main factor unless you’re going uphill.