Weight based races

If there are races based on age, gender, and specific w/kg, then why can’t we have races which separate based on weight? Medals go to various categories but never by weight… therefore bigger people have to work two to three times harder to compete with smaller, lesser weighted riders…

I could be wrong, but I thought heavier riders had an advantage on flat course races.

Waiting for @Gerrie_Delport to mention that there should be auto-assigned categories for races, lol.

O yes there some of those. look for the ZHR Clydesdale Race. There is not a lot of them because it take a lot of effort form organizers to sort rider results and filter those that entered the wrong Cat.

There are four groups, based on gender and weight, which will be used for the results on ZwiftPower:

Group A - Athena riders 68Kg or over
Group B - Clydesdale riders 84Kg or over
Group C - Clydesdale riders 90Kg or over
Group D - Clydesdale riders 100Kg or over

Yes we need that… LOL

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