Height and weight in Zwift Races?

Hi everyone,
I recently had a bike fit and found out I’ve shrunk! I should have expected it as the height I’ve always given was from when I was about 20 (… a long, long time ago). Should I update my height in Zwift to my actual height?
Does 1 cm make a difference to cda in Zwift?

Also, I would expect that If you take part in races in Zwift you should weigh yourself before the race, update your weight in Zwift and that your weight should include your cycling clothes and shoes, but not water bottles, food (bars/gels etc)? Is this what people do?

I haven’t done a Zwift race yet, but so far only check my weight once a week, first thing in the morning, but guess my weight would fluctuate during the day especially after meals.
How much difference does 1 kilo of weight make on a flat route and on a climbing route in Zwift?


1cm height = 1w on the flat, give or take, so it won’t really matter unless you are regularly losing or winning sprints by thousands of a second. weight depends how light you are to begin with but realistically 1kg isn’t going to make much of a difference anywhere except maybe in a mountain race

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I don’t think most weight themselves with their cycling shoes, but generally for honest and serious racers, this is what they do. Most regular racers only weigh themselves every week or so, so I would not stress too much about it. I do suggest that you update your height. Even though it is a marginal difference, you’ll likely get some comments about having an incorrect height. Wishing you the best of luck with Zwift racing. I personally love it.

Thank you both. Now I just need to get fitter and stronger!