Admitting I'm Short

When I signed up to Zwift in Oct '20 I just stuck in what I thought my height was in cm because it was just training and it didn’t really seem to matter to me to be 100% accurate, now I’ve started racing a bit I thought I better make sure it’s accurate and so measured my height, for the first time in I don’t know how long, but maybe 20 years. I’ve always told everybody I’m 5’8", just realised I’m 5’7".

Hope I don’t get flagged for height doping…

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Recently I was purchasing an expensive pair of Assos Bib shorts and needed an accurate height measurement to determine proper fit. I was surprised to discover that I had shrunk as happens to us all with aging. I changed my height without any problem. It would seem that within reason height can be adjusted.


Certain data fields in your user profile are locked after you initially set them up. It would be worthwhile to update them if you’re racing on Zwift.

See this Support Hub article for details on what’s locked, and how to reach Support for help to update them.