Weighing-in Advice

What is deemed the correct way to weigh oneself for Zwift? Most people weigh a bit less in the morning than later in the day. For example, I’m usually between 198 and 200 pounds in the mornings, a bit more in the afternoon or evening. A lot of this depends on eating habits the day before. If I eat late the day before, I’m more likely to weigh around 200 pounds the next morning. If I eat early the day before, it’s usually closer to the 198 pound figure.

At any rate, I use the 198 pound figure on Zwift, which is the optimistic figure. Should I instead weigh myself immediately prior to riding and update the profile accordingly? Or is there another best practice?

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Putting weight at 165 lbs would be the incorrect way. :slight_smile:
I would not worry about 2 lbs on a daily basis.


I use Zwift to monitor weight, but like Chris, says, a couple lbs don’t matter.

I bought a smart scale not long ago and it is kind of neat that I can weigh myself in riding clothes before a ride, then Zwift Power will be updated with my exact weight in results. I am not sure if Zwift itself updates as it rounds off to the nearest lb. or Kg.

As you lose weight, ride Zwift a lot and you will, your avatar loses weight also.

I am not a person that needs to lose weight, but it is quite interesting to monitor it and see how different things affect it (weight).