Standardizing weighing -- instructions in the FAQ or getting started?

I’m curious about weighing yourself for Zwift. First off, I know it’s a game, etc etc., but as you all are fully aware cyclists are a rather analytical lot, and we tend to like precision. So, bearing that in mind, and now that various scales are automatically synced to your account (yay!)… I wanted to add a suggestion about weighing.

I have noticed there’s no guidelines for when and how to weigh (morning, night, clothes/no clothes etc.). So adding these to the FAQ or getting started would be simple enough to do and would easily lend some standardization to everything, especially for those of us who take it a bit more seriously than others. It could also be made into a pop-up in the settings menu in the game perhaps.

I had found the post below that says we should weigh ourselves in our clothing (assuming he means cycling gear but it’s not clear), but that leaves a lot to variability and frankly most people aren’t going to put on their kit to weigh themselves. That’s the only thing I had found referencing how to weigh in.

So I thought it would be simple enough to add to the FAQ or Getting Started a simple sentence like “To get your most accurate weight, weigh yourself first thing in the morning upon rising and after using the bathroom, wearing just your underwear or less.” 

It could then be explained that Zwift standardizes the kit your wear in-game for everyone (does it?), same as it does for the bike selection, wheels, etc.

People may not realize how much their weight varies throughout the day.

Thanks a lot and great work!


People will most often put their lowest weight, mine is after a workout… As you said, it’s a game.

I don’t think it would ever happen, but a standardised, enforced calibration of specific power meters or trainers would be worthwhile. Either that or Zwift to produce their own that were calibrated every ride.  How big a time difference can be achieved with just a +/-5% which is “acceptable” when you are talking 300W as the base! I can’t see this eradicated in the near future, and with a possible difference of an acceptable up to 10% to someone else, wow their times are gonna be rather different in a race.