Added realism - total weight

To help Zwift replicate our rides more accurately should we also factor in the weight of the water bottles (with water), helmet, shoes, clothes, GPS, car keys, sunglass, gels, food bars, mobile phone, etc… these things could easily add another 1 - 2 kg to the bike.



You should be adding these already. When you enter your weight it’s supposed to be with your entire kit on. 

"You should be adding these already. When you enter your weight it’s supposed to be with your entire kit on. "

First time I’ve heard that and there is nothing in the settings where you input your weight to say you must have your kit on. My guess is most people use the weight they are with nothing on and jump on the scales, first thing in the morning. I can’t see how things can be fair doing it any other way. I wear a helmet in RL but not on Zwift. Should I weigh myself with or without it . Do I weigh myself with my lighter skinsuit or my heavier kit that I use for training. You get my point. Too many variables but hey if anyone wants to input a heavier weight than what they really are then kudos to them. I bet you the people winning races on Zwift don’t add an extra kg or more for their kit.


It would take some digging but I know I read a comment from Zwift that said your weight should include your shoe and kit. I believe this is true for Strava also.

But in reality people can put in any weight they want even if it’s not even close to being correct, but they are only cheating themselves in the longe run.

Of course you just add it yourself.



I can see how it’s impossible to monitor’s someone’s real stats over the internet…anyway i want to enjoy Zwift for what it is…a cycling simulator. So i’ll add the full gear, water bottle, shoes, back pack to the bike weight. 

After all, the end results are improvement in my own cycling in the RL (real life). 



I weigh myself with shoes and kit, the shoes are the only thing making a difference. I think adding the water bottle is silly. Are you going to reduce your weight every time you drink :). My water bottle sits on a table anyway, not on the bike :slight_smile:

Damn - it’s just gonna make it harder to pull away from other riders. And the group cyclists fly so fast - I am already on the edge just trying to be among the group.

My first comment… Its a game for gods sake.

Second the bike is stationary so it makes no difference what you have attached to it so I can only assume this is some sort of early April fool joke?


The weight I enter is my buck naked, dehydrated, hungry weight right after I take a dump and shave. Then I round down to the nearest kg. That’s the weight I use.

Nick why not just round down to the nearest stone :slight_smile:


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