'Actual' bike weights

Hi All,

I’m planning on doing an everesting in under 10 hours and will prepare with virtual basecamp/everestings. Therefore I’d like to set the weight value in zwift as close to the actual weight of my bike+kit+me.

I see a lot of people are setting their weight to their ‘naked’ weight but to me this seems to low. My question is: What is the actual weight that Zwift uses? (Is a certain percentage added to the weight the user sets to cover kit, how much do the different bikes+components weigh?)


bikes do have individual weights, but i don’t think exact values are written anywhere. zwiftinsider have done speed tests (steady power up alp d’huez) to test each one, maybe have a look there. if you’re going to be doing it IRL anyway then i think you’re better off not worrying about trying to replicate the conditions virtually though - the psychological effort and the time spent in the saddle is what makes these kinds of accomplishments difficult

I agree. Just use Aethos and Roval Alpinist and be done with it.

If you really want to be realistic get Zwift Play and make sure you ride down hill and brake for the corners.

I suppose some people get off the bike for the downhill part on Zwift and IRL you cannot do that.