Equipment weight


I could not find the place where you have to enter the equipment weight. Anyone has an idea if there is an default weight or where you can check what weight has been taken into account

The equipment weight is based on your VIRTUAL bike in game, not your real bike.   Hop on a S-Works tarmac and you’ll be slightly lighter than riding the Zwift Steel bike.   Put aero rims on and be a bit more aerodynamic, but pay a slight weight penalty. 

Only weight you’ll need to enter is the weight of your clothed body.

Hey Jon,

then you might want to add UI that explains that the weight must be that of your *clothed* body!

I weigh myself in the morning with just my underwear on (neglectable), but should I factor in bibs? Shoes? Helmet?

I think that Zwift should factor those in because most people don’t weigh themselves in full kit.