Cant change weight

When I first started using Zwift, I didn’t weigh myself, I just entered my last known weight because I didn’t have a scale at home at the time. A few days ago I weighed myself because I bought a scale for my gilrfriend. My current weight is 2 kg less than what is stated in Zwift. For some reason I can’t change it anymore. I keep getting the message: Submission failed! Please try again. Ultimately, it’s not that important to me that the correct weight is given if I can’t change it anymore, because i don’t hope to gain any advantage in any events by changing my weight , because I only ride according to training plans for myself. but in the end i would still like it if i could ride at my correct weight. can someone help me?

You should be able to change your weight.

Did you try this on the website or the Companion App? Can you try using whatever you didn’t try first time round?

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You can’t change weight while riding , try to change it while in the start screen.

Your answer would make a better error message instead of a vague failure

Just access your companion app and do it that way

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Thank you for your help. I couldn’t change the weight in the companion app either. The solution to the problem, in case anyone else has the same difficulties: I had to completely reinstall the companion app, I don’t know why, then it worked.

Have a good ride!

I experienced problems with weight not auto updating from smart scales and manually in companion.

It happens when you are signed up to an event happening shortly, once the event is over the restrictions are removed. Note : i hadn’t formally signed into the pen, just signed up to an event previously and left it too late.