Weight problem on Companion apk

Since one week i have a problem with Android apk Companion.
My Weight is multiplicated by 100 !!! I m 7000 kg instead of 70 so impossible to race.
So i tried to put 0,7 kg…and Companion put “070 kg”…i thought it was ok but when i run , i develop higher watt/kg so Zwift tells me that maybe i’m a professional so my results will not be registered…
When i run, if i develop high watt/kg, this message appears ans then i’m excluded of the run !!!
Furthermore, i cannot run because Zwift change resistance and i have to develop 350 watt on flat top run 30km/h !!! Impossible to run …
I have non solution and Zwift not AT all…

Please read: Weight setting wrong on Companion app

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