Speed & w/kg problems


I have been using zwift fanatically for years. I have been very satisfied for years, until today… In the top left of the screen it says ‘xxx/W’. This is always correct on the performed value of the Wahoo Kickr (also via the wahoo kickr app same value).

But the speed I get at the top of the screen and on the right side of the screen w/kg are incorrect. The speed and w/kg should be about double than the screen shown.

I ride Watopia cadence c every day and ride smoothly with it. Today, I am immediately driven out of the group even though I am pedalling 500w.

  • I have completed wahoo pedelling test again without result.
  • I have uninstalled and reinstalled zwift, problem remained the same.
  • Rebooted PC, nothing worked.
  • Completed zwift spindown, same problem.

How can this be? What can I do?

Probably this: Weight setting wrong on Companion app

Make sure your weight is set correctly.


hmmm that could maybe wright it must be 75 and i see it’s 750000 :confused:
I will test it know if it works!


@Dave_ZPCMR it works ! Thank you verry verry mutch!


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Hi @_Kenshee

Just for added context here, I’m fairly certain that the issue with your weight numbers being inflated is related to a known issue or bug and one that Zwift’s developers are aware of and are working to fix.

I’ve updated this Forums thread with the appropriate bug report number for added visibility.

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I have the same w/kg problem. Only started this week. My kg weight is 72. Under my profile it shows 7200. If i change it to 72 it just reverts back to 7200. I cant do group rides ir races as i get left frkm the start

If you scroll up a bit you will see the link Dave posted.
Weight setting wrong on Companion app

In short just change your weight in the Zwift app. Don’t change it in the companion app.