Two digits added to riders weight

I just had my first ride with my newly bought Kickr Bike after having setup Zwift on my PC. Everything went smoothly. I have created my profile and entered my weight (solid 110 kg) and height (186cm). I have seen that the weight is saved as 11000 kg which I found weird, but perhaps the dot is missing and it should rather say 110.00 kg

Now I had my first ride and if I have 110 Watts it should say 1.0 w/kg or am I wrong? But it rather stated 0.6 w/kg and it was not a pleasant ride. I mean I know that I am not fit (major reason to having bought the bike and entering Zwift). But this felt as I was pulling a caravan.

I have entered the weight multiple times via different options (website, companion app, windows app).
Perhaps I misunderstood the calculation of w/kg and I am the least fit person on Zwift. Any suggestions are appreciated.

Read this and it should solve your problem…don’t use companion to change your profile.


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