What i have noticed

I am not really sure if there was a problem yesterday but i noticed following: I was doing 290watts and somebody just pedaling 225watts flew by me. Zwift displayed he was doing 2.5w/kg. So i was doing 65watts more. Its physical not possible that somebody doing less watts goes faster on a flat road.

There were like 3-4 occasions like that yesterday.

If they are doing the Zipp Challenge it is possible since they are getting an advantage by the high altitude setting for it, plus they are using a TT bike.


Plus I think the road resistance was lowered to simulate a fast wooden velodrome.

I believe the RHO was lowered to match Aguascalientes and the Crr was lowered to resemble a fast tire choice.

Iā€™m still waiting for the double discs though.

If all you saw was that they were doing 2.5 wkg, how do you know they were doing 225 watts? If they are heavier than you their 2.5 wkg might be more watts than you were putting out.

You can see the watts that somebody is producing in real time by looking at their profile in the companion app.

Edit: Also by following them in fan view