What happens at the end of a workout?

Hello, new Zwifter here. I’m going to do my first structured workout tomorrow. Sorry for the basic question, but what happens when you finish a workout? My hope is to start the workout on a route that I haven’t done before, do the workout, and then ride whatever is remaining of the route to get the badge and XP bonus. Is that how it works, or does the game reset at the end of the workout? I would hate to be just a few km from the finish banner only to get kicked back to the start!


You can opt to continue to ride as normal to complete the route, once you have completed the workout.


First a ride report is generated and shows the deets from the workout. Shortly thereafter a message pops up asking if you would like to dismiss the ride report. You click, dismiss, and you Ride on.


I guess this is another silly question, but you do get the badge/XP for completing the route, even if it started in a workout, right? I saw one place on Zwift insider where is said that workouts counted, but then a comment that said that was not the case.

Previously, I got XP if I completed the route in a workout. However, due to recent updates, workouts do not seem to give XP for completing the route.

This was posted at the beginning of the year

Here is what Eric at Zwift Insider has to say about this.

To get the badge, ride the route in a free ride (including workouts) or event. Important note: you don’t get badges for manually navigating a route. You must select it from the routes list, or ride it in an event.

I try to time a workout so I am complete before the badge route ends. That has worked for me and if I had any short badges left I would give the other option a try.

Thanks. That comment I posted above was a comment posted on that same article. I’ll go by what Eric wrote.


In thinking about this more I know you get Route badges during workouts. In the middle of September I did the Gorby workout on Champs- Elysees and received the badge.

That is awesome, thank you so much.