Route XP during workouts

Question: I did a custom workout this evening, and rode a route that I hadn’t ridden before. When I complete the route (during custom workout) it gave me the badge for completing the workout, but I’m not sure if I got the XP for it

Do you get XP for earning a route badge during a custom workout?

iirc from my past rides where I got a route badge during a workout I did see a bump in XP when getting the badge.

I’ve been getting the route completion bonus XP while doing custom workouts. When it shows the bonus XP it only pops up for a second or two (at the same time as the big banner across the bottom of the screen) so it’s easy to miss.

I completed Whole Lotta Lava during a workout last night, and had just gone up a level during the workout, so could easily see the noticeable XP being added after the route completion banner popped up.