What happened to the group rides with an After party KOM?!

One thing that got me hooked on Zwift were the 40km or so group ride, followed by a no holes barred, let loose and ride your ■■■■ off KOM after party ride. The Mad Hare CC rides were great fun with the Volcano KOM at the end for instance.

But these sorts of events doent seem to be around anymore :unamused:.

Any reason why? Am I just not seeing them on the events page or something?!?!

Donny Chain Gang does something similar to this.

Moderate start on lap 1, bit harder on lap 2 and then everything you have left on lap 3.

I’m not favouritising (is that a word?) a single ride, just the one that comes to mind.

Hi David,
Use the ZwiftHacks.com event search tool and use the key word “after party”, there are still a few events each week that do these types of KOM races after the group ride.